8 Days on Koh Lanta, Thailand

IMG_1531I’m sitting here in front of my computer looking out the window. It’s a cold, rainy day. This time two months ago we were in paradise. Weather like this is a far cry from the warm, gentle breezes that swept off the Andaman Sea, kissing our skin as we sat on the beach of our resort on Koh Lanta, Thailand. Yes, it’s days like this I dream about that beautiful little island, wishing I could once again return. 

It’s difficult to begin writing about Koh Lanta. Difficult because when you find one of your favorite places in the world, you want to make sure you are going to do it justice. Although, to be honest, this place is not one I would mind keeping to myself. I don’t want it to become well-known and change from the perfect little piece of paradise it is.IMG_9342We spent 8 glorious days on Koh Lanta and could have stayed much longer. A small island off the coast of Krabi, it is remote yet well-appointed with everything you could need. It even has a 7-Eleven which was our boy’s favorite daily stop. We were able to experience the culture, enjoy downtime, great food, and entertainment all within the proximity of the resort on which we stayed. IMG_8233Getting to Koh Lanta is your first indicator this is going to be a trip that is a bit off the beaten path. We arrived at the Krabi airport to be ushered into a comfortable van provided by our hotel. After an hour drive, we boarded a speedboat which took us on another hour-long trip to the island. However, as soon as we disembarked the boat, we realized we had stepped onto a little piece of paradise. The crystal clear water of the Andaman Sea shimmered resembling millions of aquamarine diamonds. The lush hills of the rainforest beckoned us to be one with nature. Friendly smiles set on the local’s faces beckoned us to stay and be welcome. Yes, Koh Lanta was a place where we felt as if we could stay forever.IMG_8166

How To Get There

There are two ways to get to the island from Krabi. One is a rickety little ferry boat that carries anything from cars to farm animals. The other is by passenger boat. Both options take about an hour from the mainland to the island. Our resort offered a complimentary speedboat service which felt like a tour since the scenery we passed on the way was stunningly gorgeous.IMG_8050 

Where We Stayed

Do you know how nerve-racking it is to try and find a place to stay in a location you have never been? What if it isn’t as nice as it seems online? What if it’s in a bad location? So many questions flutter through your mind. Sometimes you book something with one eye closed and simply pray for the best. After doing a lot of research, we decided to stay at the Pimalai Resort and Spa. From the moment we were greeted by the friendly hotel staff at the airport, we were impressed by this resort. Sure, we did indulge a little bit to stay here, but between the accommodations, activities, and the service, it was worth every penny.IMG_8285

What We Did 

We had the privilege of having our daughter and her husband fly out to join us on this trip, which meant we had a party of 6. This being the case, some activities needed to be planned in advance. Not wanting to have every second booked, we decided to take it a bit easy, and we were glad we did. The Pimalai Resort offered so much to do that we felt as if we didn’t even have to leave in order to stay busy. So, we planned a few excursions and spent the rest of our time close to the resort.IMG_8118 

Here’s what our itinerary looked like

Day 1: Arrive, settle in.

Day 2: Enjoy activities at the resort.

Day 3: Explore Koh Lanta: Lanta Animal Welfare, shop Old Town.

Day 4: Muay Thai boxing class at the resort.

Day 5: Phang Nga Elephant Park (full day).

Day 6: Thai cooking class at the resort, enjoy activities at the resort.

Day 7: Boat tour of the islands and snorkeling with Freedom Adventures Cruises (full day).

Day 8: Enjoy activities at the resort, car ride to shop at Saladan Village.

Day 9: Depart.

As you can see, we had enough to keep us busy but not too much where we didn’t feel relaxed. There is a lot to do on Koh Lanta. You can easily fill your time if that’s what you desire. It is a laid-back island with beautiful beaches, friendly people, great food, and things to do. It truly is a little piece of paradise. If you are like me, you will fall in love with the area and never want to leave.

With so much to say about Koh Lanta, other posts needed to be written. Please click on the links below for more information. I know you will love it as much as we did!


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