Who’s Ready for Some Good Old-Fashioned Axe Throwing?

Being Bangkok newbies, we haven’t yet had a chance to explore all this great city has to offer.  We are finding there are endless things to do and see here, and having two relatively uninterested teenage boys makes sightseeing as a family a bit more challenging. I stand corrected: not a bit more challenging, a LOT more challenging. So, how do you get two boys out of the house and away from the tv on a school holiday? You’ve got to plan something big. Something that will trump video games and laying around the house all day in their underwear. 

Enter the Golden Axe Throw Club.

Golden Axe Throw As soon as I discovered this little Bangkok gem, I knew the boys would be intrigued. I mean really, what male on the face of this earth would turn down the chance to throw axes at a target for fun? And to be honest, I was pretty excited too!IMG_3874

So with only a slight amount of moaning, we piled into the car and headed out on our first family field trip (minus one hard-working husband). When we arrived, we were greeted at the door by Ryan, the owner of the Golden Axe Throw Club. All I can say is that if anyone looks like a lumberjack, it’s this guy! Is it a requirement for all serious axe-wielding men to have an awesome full and thick beard? If not, maybe it should be! Needless to say, we were off to a great start. Being taught how to throw axes by an authentic looking Canadian lumberjack? Umm, yeah! 

Curiosity led me to ask Ryan how in the world he ended up bringing an axe throwing club to Thailand. Here’s what he told me:

I met my wife, Sirilak Sathanart when I first visited Thailand in Roi Et. I met some Thai blacksmiths online that invited me to come to make axes with them. So I came here to learn how to forge an axe from scratch, after being an axe-throwing coach in Canada.  I really wanted to learn how to make the tool I was using so often to throw, before opening my own venue.  After returning home to Toronto Canada,  it didn’t take me long to get back to Thailand. We spent most of a year in Roi Et where we were throwing axes in our backyard before moving to Bangkok to find a venue and start our own axe throwing club. My wife was 5-9 months pregnant as we started this company, working hard every day to see it open, and a few months after opening we welcomed our baby boy Atom to our little axe family! Bangkok was the perfect place to introduce the Canadian sport of axe throwing to a variety of cultures and people from around the world. IMG_8911 (1)

If that’s not a great start-up story, I don’t know what is. It’s great to come across someone who is passionate about and loves his career as Ryan does.

After signing waivers and a short safety talk, Ryan took some time and showed us how to properly throw our axes at targets and before we knew it, we were throwing like pros. Well, maybe semi-pros, we did completely miss the targets quite a few times.IMG_3866 Once we were more comfortable with our axe throwing techniques, we played two friendly target throwing games against each other, both of which I…ahem… won (just had to throw that in there for recorded proof that I actually beat my boys in something sporty).

Just sayin’!

When we finished our games, we bellied up to the bar and celebrated by throwing back a couple of waters and a strawberry Fanta.IMG_3872 From start to finish, it was a really fun way to spend an afternoon feeling tough and sporty while bonding with my boys.IMG_3858

 If you think you’re ready to throw axes like a true Canadian lumberjack and are considering a visit to Golden Axe Throw Club, here’s everything you need to know:


3 Lat Phrao Wang Hin 67 Alley

Lat Phrao

Bangkok, Thailand 10230 

+66 063 654 0600


Check out their Facebook page here


Monday & Tuesday:

 (Advance Appointment by Email/Call only)

Wednesday & Thursday:
16:00 – 23:00

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:
11:00 – 23:00


Ages 12 and up. No experience is necessary.

My 12-year-old superstar



1-6 players

Public Lanes (up to 6 ppl/target)

฿500 BAHT / Person


7+ players

2-3 Hour Private Group Bookings

฿800 BAHT / Person


According to the Golden Axe Throw website:


Sign a waiver and ensure you have proper footwear (closed-toed shoes).


Your axe throwing coach will explain the safety rules and provide a 5-10 minute instructional session. They will also monitor your safety, and provide tips to make sure you are having fun and hitting as close to the bullseye as you can!


Each thrower then gets around 15 throws, before rotating out.


Once players are warmed up, you will begin mini-games going head to head with another thrower for 3 rounds (5 throws per round). Each throw is worth up to 5 points (the final throw can be worth 7 points if you yell CLUTCH! & hit the small green circle). We rotate throwers every 3 rounds, 15 throws, or about 5-10 minutes.


Whoever gets the most points wins the round. Best 2/3 wins the entire game. 

(did I mention that was me? ;))

Don’t worry if you lose the first 2 rounds – we always throw the final 5 throws of round 3 because throwing axes is fun!


Payment is something that happens towards the end of a walk-in or event. You will be notified when you have 10 minutes left and may have the option of throwing for another hour if there is availability.




We will definitely be trying this next time!


A full catering menu is available from an authentic Italian Bistro serving gourmet pizza, pasta, cold plates, and appetizers.


A craft beer bar is available with a selection of over 40 imported & local craft beers as well as cheap Thai beers, light spirits, and non-alcoholic refreshments. 

Next time I’ll have to try a Pickleback (whiskey and pickle juice), because what goes better with throwing axes than whiskey and pickle juice?


  • Before you go, book your visit online to reserve a lane.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes.
  • There’s no air conditioning, only large fans so it can get hot especially if you are as intense as I am when it comes to axe throwing. 😉
  • 1 hour is a good amount of time for a great experience.

Overall the three of us had a great time at The Golden Axe Throw Club and agreed we would like to return. And honestly, if the boys want to do something more than once, it HAS to be good! I would highly recommend giving this Bangkok destination a try. It’s fun, unusual, and will make you feel like a true lumberjack. 


  1. I was all in until you mentioned the pickleback next time. Let me know how it is. Although I do like Hooters fried pickles. I’ll have to check the internet to see if there is anything comparable to axe throwing here in Tucson. When we were in Bolivia we played a game where we threw heavy disks @ a target set in clay filled with gun ammo that when “BANG” if you were lucky enough to hit the target. Our skills were not very developed so we didn’t do too well. Apparently it is a very popular past time in Bolivia. Even drinking beer while we played didn’t help!

    You mentioned going in a car. Do you have a driver in Bangkok? We attended a wonderful performance with costumes, song & dance telling the history of Thailand. Have you heard of it? Let me know if you want specific details. I highly recommend it.


    1. Too funny! I’ve been told there is an axe throwing place in Michigan so there could also be one in your neck of the woods. You should try it if you can find one!

      We are fortunate enough to have a driver here. Some expats drive themselves around. I can’t imagine. Traffic here is the worst I have ever experienced. Brett has to leave the house at 6am every morning to get to work on time. Poor guy!

      I’ll have to check out the dancing. We are heading to an island for a little getaway this weekend. Maybe they will have it there.

      Thanks for reading Pam! I really appreciate the feedback. Who would have thought we would keep in touch via a blog? 🙂


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