Berlin Bound. History, Tours and Currywurst, OH MY!

One of the perks of living abroad is having our kids attend an international school. The education is top notch and they have so many opportunities that they wouldn’t have back home. One of these opportunities is one I am happy to get onboard with too; school world travel. Oh, my son needs to perform in a choir festival in Berlin? Well, I guess I should go too. You know, just in case he might need me. 😉IMG_0041 So, a couple of months ago my friend, Diane and I boarded a plane to Berlin. Because you know, I couldn’t go to “supervise” my son on my own. I needed a travel companion to supervise ME. Haha! After all, why should I be the only one who benefits from my child’s success? So, Berlin-bound we were and with only 4 full days to take in the city, we had a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. Oh, and we also had a choir concert to attend which was, after all the entire reason we were there.IMG_9695

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Things We ❤️: SANDEMANs Tours

Are you heading to a country for the first time? Don’t quite have a lay of the land, and are not quite sure what to see? Enter SANDEMANs NEW Europe tours. This awesome tour company provides free multi-language walking tours in 19 cities most of which are in Europe but can also be found in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and New York. Read more