Thailand-Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (A Gates)

This is a series meant to help you find the best of the best in lounges everywhere. Our 12-year-old, Jack has become a lounger-extraordinaire. He knows how to get the most out of any lounge experience and always manages to get our full money’s worth out of any visit. As a result, we have come up with a lounge rating system according to our very discerning lounge critic. Enjoy, and may you too achieve lounge nirvana!

Jack’s Rating System (ABC’S)

1 (worst)-5 (best) 






Overall Score

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Bangkok, Thailand

Miracle Business Class Lounge

A Gates

(Priority Pass)

It’s great Bangkok is our home airport because we have yet to find a lounge here that we don’t like, and there are many to choose from in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Click this link for another one of Jack’s favorite Bangkok lounges:

Thailand-Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (Concourse F).

Jack was lucky enough to have two very important people join him on this lounge visit; his brother, Hunter, and Hunter’s girlfriend, Bri. Jack thouroughly enjoyed enlighteneing them with all his lounge knowledge, including how to look cool while lounging.


Jack felt this lounge was “very classy”, and it certainly offered the best view of any lounge we have experienced. He said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it which is pretty impressive considering this lounge reviewer can be pretty picky.


Unfortunately there were no bathrooms offered in this lounge and one downside is that you have to walk a bit of a distance to find the nearest public bathroom. But Jack didn’t see this as a problem so we won’t include this rating in our review.


This lounge’s comfort rating went down a few notches because, and I quote, “though there’s many seating options, most could have better armrests”. It’s hard to beat this honest review! 


Jack really liked the variety of options offered. He appreciated the high quality food and drinks. The cream of mushroom soup was good, but the deep fried tofu was his favorite. 


Overall Score 4.33


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