USA-Detroit Airport

This is a series meant to help you find the best of the best in lounges everywhere.

Our 12-year-old, Jack has become a lounger-extraordinaire. He knows how to get the most out of any lounge experience and always manages to get our full money’s worth out of any visit. As a result, we have come up with a lounge rating system according to our very discerning lounge critic. Enjoy, and may you too achieve lounge nirvana!  

Jack’s Rating System

1 (worst)—5 (best) 






Overall Score


USA-Detroit Airport

McNamara Terminal, Concourse A

Delta Detroit Sky Club Lounge

located after security on left, before the fountain

(AMEX Platinum card)

additional guests incur a $29 charge

Ambiance: 3

Comfort: 2IMG_2919

Sustenance: 3

Bathrooms: 4



Jack said the ambiance of this lounge was “fine, but nothing interesting”. We have lounged here a couple of times now and the lounge has been very crowded every time. Comfort was given a 2 because there were very few chairs with tables, and no charging ports handy, making working on a device and eating difficult. Sustenance was originally rated lower until Jack found the macaroni and cheese and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Overall there were not many food choices and the serving area was under construction so most of the food options were placed in a makeshift corner of the lounge, making it feel almost like an afterthought.IMG_2925 However, Jack did love the macaroni and cheese and cookies so the overall sustenance rating jumped up to a 3. The bathrooms were awarded a 4 rating because Jack thought they were “impressive and fancy”. That’s about all the detailed description on that topic I could glean from this 12-year-old. So overall, not the best lounge rating this Little Lounger has awarded, but it will do as a way to spend some time before your flight out of Detroit.

And one last mom tip…

Make sure you stop by Chick-fil-A in the airport before you go to your gate. Buy a chicken sandwich for the road. Trust me, 2 hours into your flight you will remember you have that little bag of deliciousness and will thank me. 😉IMG_2930


  1. I think Jack should market his airport lounge rating reviews to a travel website or magazine. In addition they should be sent to Trip Advisor. His future profession could be as a travel reviewer. Think of Rick Steves on PBS. Even the airlines review locations they travel to in their airline magazines. Think about it…free world travel and an expense account.


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