And, We’re Off!

I think as an expat, you live less with the mantra of, “new year, new you” and more with the idea of, “new year, new trips”. Conversations between those living abroad almost always revert to discussions about trips; both those in the future and those in the past. We talk about travel when we workout, at the bus stop, when we go out to lunch. It is always exciting to hear about people’s adventures and perhaps get a few ideas for trips of our own. It is also not uncommon to talk about future trips while on a current trip. Now, how silly is that?IMG_7325

So it shouldn’t surprise you that as we look to the next twelve months and the events that will be prominent pieces of our year, we talk about our trips. When Brett and I returned home from our Christmas vacation, we looked at each other and basically said goodbye for the next 8 weeks. Aside from one trip planned together, he will embark on 4 work trips to 4 different countries in 4 weeks. Ahh, the power of four…is that even a thing? Perhaps it is, who knows? Then, two weeks later I board a plane to Berlin to join our son, Elijah at a choir festival in which he will be performing. All in all, 6 trips to 5 countries in 8 weeks.

Are you keeping up? There’s more. During this 8-week time frame, our daughter and her husband will fly to Shanghai. Yay! We will spend a day at Disneyland then all six of us head to Thailand for a good old-fashioned family vacation (minus Hunter who has to stay home and attend college. Boo!). I find it amusing that our family vacations used to involve all of us piling in a car packed from floor to ceiling with luggage. We would head off to stay at a relative’s house because we couldn’t afford a hotel for six people. Now we are all boarding a plane to another country and will stay in a resort with our own private pool. I’m not trying to brag. Once we move back home, we will be back to piling in the car once again. I am just saying that we are truly blessed to have opportunities like this, and I am so grateful.IMG_2337

But, back to the schedule. Let’s not get distracted here, people! While we are in Thailand, my mom will fly to Shanghai. She will help Brett hold down the fort while Elijah and I are in Berlin, a trip we leave for two days after returning from Thailand. Aaand that brings us to the second week in March. To say winter will fly by is an understatement (and a bit ironic-haha!). I feel like when I am explaining our schedule I should be standing in front of a command center with a map, a calendar, and a pointer.

Although it will be busy, we are looking forward to creating new memories. I am so excited to bring you along with me. I hope you enjoy the ride. Perhaps you could keep track of my calendar and tell me who is supposed to be where and when? I don’t think I will be able to keep it all straight.

Here’s to starting 2018 off with a bang! Let the travel and the memories begin. And don’t worry, I won’t even get started on my thoughts about our summer. 😉


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